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Hex Dumbbell Rubber Encased Dumbbell Strength Training Hex Dumbbell, Hand Weight For Workout & Exercise

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Product Description

Rubber Coated Hex DumbbellRubber Coated Hex Dumbbell

Rubber Coated Hex DumbbellRubber Coated Hex Dumbbell

Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell

Hexagon shaped Dumbbell

Styles: 3-47.5 Pounds

The Rubber Hex Dumbbells are an ideal choice for your home gym.

With the perfect weight for training the muscle groups that aren’t normally targeted.

Made from virgin rubber that’s ultra-low odor.

The dumbbells feature straight, chrome, fully knurled handles for maximum grip.

5 Advantages Of Dumbbells 1. Increased Stabilisation and Muscle Activation. 2. Identifies and Eliminates Strength Imbalances. 3. Better Awareness About Injury Prevention. 4. More Freedom of Movement. 5. Versatile and Effective.

Rubber CoatedRubber Coated

Ergonomic knurled handleErgonomic knurled handle

Hexagon shapedHexagon shaped

Rubber Coated

Rubber encased coating is durable and protective, easy to clean and reduces noise during workout.

Ergonomic knurled handle

Ergonomic steel handle provides essential grip and security during use.

Hexagon shaped

The hexagon-shaped head design that prevents rolling and makes them easy to store.

Strength Training Hex DumbbellStrength Training Hex Dumbbell

Made from solid cast iron and encased in virgin rubber to Resist cracking, fading and protects floors and equipment.
Hexagonal-shaped head prevent rolling and provide easier storage, Chrome-plated, ergonomically shaped handle can give you a solid grip for exercise and strength training.
The dumbbells that weight 12 pounds and less will have a handle diameter of 28 millimeters, while the 15 pounds and up will have a thicker diameter of 34 millimeters.
Dumbbells can be used in a variety of upper and lower body and core exercises, and they’re also a convenient option that can be used pretty much anywhere: the gym, home, and even outdoors.
Note: It is normal to have some oil on dumbbell to prevent it from oxidizing.
The New Rubber Dumbbell do have some rubber smell, the odor will dissipate after a period of time.

Customers say

Customers like the ease of grip and quality of the dumbbell. They mention that it has great hand grips and heavy duty construction. Some appreciate the thick sturdy rubber coating on the bell ends. Overall, customers say that it’s a good product that will last a long time.

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