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AB Wheel Roller, Automatic Rebound Exercise Abdominal Ultra-Wide Wheels Fitness for Gym & Home, Core Work-out Strength-Training Equipment with Knee Pad

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【Automatic Rebound: KINETIC ENGINE】ATTENTION, PUSH FORWARD ACCORDING TO THE ARROW MARKINGS, OTHERWISE THE INTERNAL STRUCTURE WILL BREAK AND CANNOT BE USED. Carbon steel springs for abdominal and arm exercise automatic rebound, after you launch a distance to generate resistance, offset the body’s forward inertia, that is, intelligent braking, when pushed back automatically rebound easy reset, the farther you launch the stronger the elasticity. Note: This product one-way use, please pay attention to distinguish the arrow and “L” “R” logo.
【Ultra-Wide Wheels】Ultra-wide wheels so that the force does not deviate, the wheel surface is wrapped with high material rubber, grip, greatly enhance the non-slip and wear resistance of the wheel, so that both stable, but also to ensure multi-mode application, when sliding to the left, right or to the middle, can easily cope with, and reduce the risk of injury, even for entry-level, you can quickly master, and in a shorter time to enjoy thickening the abdominal wall and popping abdominal muscle fun.
【Core Training, Growth of the Abdominal Muscles】Through the cycle of exercises, this abdominal exercise roller will accelerate the strengthening of your core muscle groups, to achieve a flexible and coordinated core training, significant strengthening and exercise of the abdomen, waist, back, shoulders, arms and core, shaping and improving muscle density, strengthening the body’s joints and fat burning.
【Durable & Stable】The product is made of high-density material and can withstand a maximum weight of 500 pounds, ensuring that it can withstand intense workouts, The removable handle has an ergonomic design for a comfortable, non-slip grip. in addition with high-density foam knee pads, can effectively protect the knee during exercise.
【Portable & Easy to Assemble】No tools needed, install with bare hands, press the small ball on the handle, put it into the round tube, align the small round hole and you’re done. Unlike large fitness equipment, this ab wheel design is compact and very portable, allowing you to complete your workout almost anywhere, whether at home, office, on the go, gym or outdoor, and disassemble at will, easy to store.
【The Gift Choice for Fitness Enthusiasts】This fitness wheel can not only exercise abdominal muscles, but also burn fat. Can be said to be the ideal gift for family and friends.
【Fitness Reference Training Program】(1) Beginner stage: 1 group per day, a group of 5 ~ 7. (2) Intermediate enhancement stage: 2 to 3 groups per day, a group of 10 ~ 15. (3) Advanced standing stage: 3 groups per day or more than 3 groups, a group of 12 ~ 20.
【Training Methods】(1) Wall Training Method Hold the abdominal wheel facing the wall, hands flat on the wheel on the wall along the wall to push upward, while the body should be pushed upward with the wheel to extend, and then slowly return to the initial position when it reaches the limit. You can also lift the abdominal machine with both hands with your back to the wall and push it back and forth on the wall, with the body extending and retracting to the maximum with the movement.
【Training Methods】(2) Kneeling Training Method Kneeling on the ground to take the wheel training, hands clutching the handle of the abdominal machine both hands evenly, repeatedly pushing and pulling the abdominal machine forward, while extending the body forward to the maximum, and then return to the initial position of kneeling. (3) Standing Training Method Legs apart slightly wider than shoulder width, then holding the wheel forward, pay attention to the waist and abdomen with force, breathing to keep up, try not to hold your breath.
【Training Methods】(4) Practice Calf Style Sitting on a chair, both feet on the handle of the abdominal machine, push the abdominal machine with your feet, extend your calves as far forward as possible, and then return to the original position. (5) Back Training Put the abdominal machine on the back, hands grab the handle of the abdominal machine to push back and forth, at the same time, the body back to the maximum limit to sit on the ground to maximize the extension, and then return to the original position.

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