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QUWEI Hand Grip Strengthener, Grip Strength Trainer, Finger Exerciser Set, Forearm Grip workout, Silicone Hand Gripper, Great for Rock Climbing, Rehabilitation Training, Home and office

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Product Description

Why do you need QUWEI finger exerciser?

No matter you’re working or exercising, you are overusing your gripping muscles while under-using your expanding muscles. Expanding muscles are the muscles that open your hands. Lacking of training these muscles cause imbalances that hurt performance & can cause pain & injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. If you are musicians, golfers, computer workers, tennis players, baseball players, rock climbers, weight lifters, or if you drive, text or type, Try our finger exerciser. Build Strength, designed to increase the strength of fingers, wrists and forearms. Improve strength for weak hands – Improves strength, prevents stiffness and relieves joint pain.






Your Daily Exercise Needs- Perfect for your hand or fingers. Suitable for people of all age to increase hand strength, improves finger and hand dexterity, and reduces tired and stress. In addition, it can help balance and improve your grip muscles for your daily exercise needs,You can get repetitions in while driving, at the office or anywhere
Material- Made of durable silicone material, it has the characteristics of good deformation resistance, high elasticity, not easy to tear or crack, and can be used for a long time,finger and forearms exercise, muscle strengthening, exercise training, fitness, etc.
Fitness & Sport Enthusiasts – Strengthen Your Wrists, Improve The Dexterity Of Your Fingers, Increase The Strength Your Hands While Reducing Fatigue. Help Balance Your Grip Muscles And Your Expanding Muscles. 20/30 Lbs For Young Girls And Boys Use, 40/50 Lbs For Normal Life Hand Strength Exercise Use, 70/80 Lbs For Professional Hercules Or Athletes Use
Rehabilitation & Prevention – Great For Rheumatoid Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Tendinitis, Tennis Elbow And Are On The Way To Recover From A Fractured Or Broken Wrist, Or When You Type, Text Or Any Other Activities Which Use Your Gripping Muscles. It’S A Very Good Gift For Your Health No Matter You Are Outdoor Worker Or Office Staff
Fits All Hand Sizes & Portable Design – Suitable For All Age Groups And Fits Well For All Hand Sizes. Portable And Easy To Fit In Bag Or Pocket. You Can Start Grip Training Anytime And Anywhere.

Customers say

Customers like the quality, grip strength, interest level, and selling points of the exercise machine. For example, they mention it’s well worth it, comes in all different grip strengths, and is perfect to increase grip strength. They appreciate the size, portability, and comfort. That said, they say it’ll improve your grip strength and is effective for rehabilitation.

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