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Pull Up Assistance Bands 260lbs, Heavy Pull Up Bands Resistance Bands for Pull Ups Working Out with Feet Rest, Pull Up Bar Bands Assistance Bands Strength Training Workout Equipment, Height Adjustable

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[Supports Varying Heights] The pull up assistance bands set feature a durable adjustable nylon strap, ensuring a just-right fit for any height of the user. Easy to connect it to any door pull up bar/chin up bar or pull up station, just adjust the length to match your height or adjust the length to vary resistance. These pull up resistance bands will help you achieve the standard pull-ups to build strength. Perfect home gym workout equipment for men women older and younger.
[Tailored Pull Up Bands for Fitness Pros & Beginners] It comes with 4 resistance bands for pull ups, each providing 65lb of tension, you can scale from 65lb to 260lb of assistance. Whether beginner or advanced, these pull up bands adapt to your strength level. If you have a hard time getting chin-ups, it allows you to perform pull-ups independently, completely, and correctly without any help. If you’re advanced, the pull up assistance bands will help you add additional umph after muscle fatigue
[Complete & Valuable Pull Up Assistance Bands ] Our pull up bands set includes* an adjustable length strap, 4*65lb resistance bands for pull ups, 2 kneerests, an installation manual, and a travel pouch with portability. This set provides two firm and wide feetrests. With this pull up assist band, you can comfortably place each foot on its footrest which provides full support and prevents the feet awkwardly crammed together. You can stand or kneel on the footrests. Making pull ups much easier.
[Superior Safety & Durability Pull Up Assistance Bands Set] Each one of the pull up resistance bands is encased in a durable nylon sleeve, enhancing safety and extending the lifespan of your gear. Constructed with robust materials, our pull up bar bands assistance bands feature double metal rings, metal steel buckles, and knee/footrests for maximum comfort and longevity, embodying top-tier standards for serious athletes.
[Building Upper Body and Core Strengths ] The pull-up is a compound exercise that exercises many muscle groups – arms, shoulders, back, chest, stomach(core), etc. You can also use the pull up assistance bands to improve leg strength. The assisted pull up bands are a great item for home gym. Build upper body strength quite quickly. This pull up assist band will help you reach your fitness, strength, and weight loss goals much faster, and maintain your ideal weight and strength over time.
[Easy Assembly] The clear instructions and well-labeled parts made the process smooth and hassle-free. You can set assisted pull up bands up in no time and start your Pull-up workout immediately. Setting up the assisted pull up machine is a breeze in just 3 easy steps, thanks to the intuitive design. It’s your time to focus on your pull ups, not a complicated setup. Easy to remove, install, and adjust.
[Brand Support] All pull up assistance bands are inspected with the highest quality standards. We are very confident that you will like our pull up bands assistance bands. We will provide LIFETIME WARRANTY. If any problems with the heavy duty resistance bands for pull ups, you can contact us through the order information to send an e-mail. We promise we will solve it within 24 hours. A refund or replacement will always be stress-free.

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