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Logest Metal Hand Grip Set, 100LB-350LB 6 Pack 50LB-350LB 7 Pack No Slip Heavy-Duty Grip Strengthener with Gift Box, Great Wrist & Forearm Hand Exerciser, Home Gym, Hand Gripper Grip Strength Trainer

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Product Description


Build up Finger and Wrist Strength with LoGest.

Boost your grip strength, improve hand health and minimize muscle pain with the LoGest Metal Hand Grip Set With Silicone Covers. By exercising your fingers, hands, wrists and forearms, you will build up strength and make your hands stronger so you can lift heavier weights, enhance your workout routines and perform daily tasks more easily. Plus, you can prevent or reduce a number of debilitating or painful conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, tennis elbow, arthritis, muscle fatigue and more.


Built to Last.

Each hand grip is expertly crafted using a durable combination of alloy steel and aluminum, providing long-term strength and reliable use for years to come. Unlike similar products, the aluminum handles are furnished utilizing a new design that is gentler on your hands. Not only can you exercise your hands more comfortably, but they still provide you with the same great workout.


Optional Silicone Handle Covers.

If your hands are injured or you simply want to minimize your chances of developing calluses during a long workout, simply put the silicone handle covers on your Hand Grip Strengthener Tools. They provide increased protection for your hands, offering comfortable use without affecting your ability to use the hand grips to boost strength. Easy to put on and remove, these covers allow you to use the grips according to your own individual preference.


Choice of Sets.

As with any exercise, you start off slow and work your way up. Allowing you to increase or decrease the strength of your exercises to meet your own personal ability level, each set of metal exercise hand grips increases at 50-pound increments so you can gradually add resistance and advance at your own pace. They’re offered in a 6-pack option ranging from 100-350 pounds and a 7-pack option ranging from 50-350 pounds to accommodate everyone’s individual needs.

LoGest Metal Hand Grip Set With Silicone Covers.





Improves Grip and Dexterity.

Exercising your hands with these Metal Hand Grips is a great way to increase your hand grip and gain strength. Targeting the fingers, wrists, palms and forearms, they work all the muscles to improve dexterity and performance. In addition to strengthening your hand grip, they will also help to relieve pain and stress.

Comfortable, Non-Slip Grip.

LoGest’s Hand Grip Strengthener Set comes complete with 8 thick, silicone handle covers — each one furnished with a raised texture design to ensure comfortable use. These non-slip covers provide a firm, non-slip grip, allowing you to securely hold the exercisers in your hands while reducing fatigue and calluses at the same time.

Portable Design.

Unlike other workout equipment, you can take these lightweight, portable hand grips with you everywhere you go. Use them at home, bring them to the office and take them on your business trips so you can exercise your fingers, wrists and forearms at any time, turning your downtime into a productive workout session.

Ideal for Everyone.

Each set of hand grips comes packaged in a beautiful box, making it a great gift for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. If you know someone who has pain, limited dexterity, participates in sports, plays an instrument, works out or uses a computer at work, the LoGest Metal Hand Grip Set is a must-have.

Durable Construction: Expertly crafted using alloy steel construction, this grip strength trainer set will serve you well throughout the years. Silicone covers 6x pairs for each grip with raised textures are also provided to ensure a firm, non-slip grip and comfortable use.
Hand Exercisers: Unlike most workouts, you can take these hand trainer with you and exercise everywhere you go. Use them at home, at the office or when traveling, and turn your downtime into a productive workout session.
Hand grip Strengthener: Targeting your forearms and arm strengthener, fingers, and wrists, these hand grips provide the perfect way for building up hand strength and increasing your grip. As your hands become stronger, you’ll be able to lift heavier weights.
Choice of Set: The LoGest is available in three different sets to meet everyone’s needs. Choose among a 3-pack containing hand grippers ranging from 100-200 pounds, a 3-pack with hand grips ranging from 250-350 pounds, or a 6-pack that hand gripper strengthener includes all weights.
Great Gift Idea: Beautifully packaged in an attractive box, the Hand Strengthener Set will make a great gift for those who enjoy training and working out. Each hand strengthening equipment increases at 50-pound increments, allowing users to gradually add resistance and build strength.

Customers say

Customers like the quality, value, and grip of the hand strengthener. For example, they mention it’s well built, amazing for strength, and saves money in the long run. That said, opinions are mixed on ease of use and comfort.

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