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Gymreapers Neck Harness, Improve Neck Strength and Reduce Neck Pain – Neck Trainer with 29” Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Chain, Adjustable Neoprene Strap, Neck Harness for Gym & Home Use

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Founded in 2014, Gymreapers, is the market leader in premium fitness apparel and equipment.

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Gymreapers dedication to crafting high-quality products sets it apart in the market, providing premium and reliable gear.

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Gymreapers is a renowned industry leader specializing in the production of premium quality gear, with a commitment to excellence.

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Gymreapers premium quality weightlifting equipment & apparel is here to elevate your performance inside & outside the gym.


MAXIMIZE CORE NECK STRENGTH – Gymreapers Neck Harness is specifically designed to target and strengthen the muscles of the neck, helping to improve overall stability and reduce the risk of injury during weightlifting exercises.Our neck harness can be used with your choice of either weights or resistance band.
PREMIUM, DURABLE, HEAVY DUTY DESIGN – Made from high-quality materials, our neck harness is built to withstand heavy use and provide long-lasting durability, making it suitable for intense weightlifting sessions. Gymreapers adjustable head harness is constructed with steel d rings and reinforced stitching in key areas, enhancing durability and preventing any potential tearing or fraying, even under heavy loads.
COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE ENSURED – Train in ultimate comfort with Gymreapers Neck Training Harness. We combined premium padding with an adjustable strap to allow for a secure and snug fit. Finished off with velcro fastening for a quick release. The harness is equipped with thick padding around the neck area, providing superior comfort and reducing the risk of pressure points or discomfort during your training sessions.
IMPROVE BALANCE & STABILITY – Gymreapers Neck Harness is equipped with a 29 inch stainless steel chain that is going to elevate your overall performance by allowing you to add weight to your body’s natural movement. The harness allows for a full range of motion, enabling you to perform various neck exercises, including flexion, extension, rotation, and lateral movements, without any restriction. Our neck harness is perfect for any athlete looking to take their training to the next level.
GYMREAPERS TRAINING GEAR – Gymreapers designs and manufacturers high quality fitness equipment and apparel that merges durable products, aesthetic design, and high quality materials. We’ve developed a full line of training tools to assist you in pursuing and achieving all of your fitness goals.

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