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Gripmaster Hand Exerciser, Finger Exerciser (Hand Grip Strengthener), Spring-Loaded, Finger-Piston System, Isolate & Exercise Each Finger

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Prohands’ Signature Hand Exerciser
THE ORIGINAL SPRING-LOADED HAND & FINGER EXERCISER: Prohands is used by professional athletes, world-class musicians, and as a rehabilitation tool. Made from high-quality components ABS plastic, stainless steel springs and approved santoprene.
STRENGTH, POWER & ENDURANCE FOR ATHLETES: Exercise each finger individually, or the entire hand. Isolates and exercises each finger individually for strength, dexterity, and endurance. Develops outstanding hand, wrist and forearm strength.
REHABILITATION & PREVENTION (STRONGER, HEALTHY HANDS): Ideal for anyone wanting to develop and maintain strong healthy hands. May help with arthritis, carpal tunnel, neuropathy, and poor circulation.
THE PROHANDS FAMILY OF HAND EXERCISERS (2ND IMAGE): VIA is our entry-level model, GRIPMASTER is our signature model, GRIPMASTER-Rehab has an added palm cushion, and PRO is our most advanced model for pros and motivated individuals.
VARIOUS TENSION LEVELS: Graduated tension levels help the user measure progress. VIA 1lb to 6lb, GRIPMASTER 1lb to 9lb, GRIPMASTER-Rehab 0.75lb to 9lb, PRO 5lb to 13lb. By isolating each digit, stronger fingers can’t compensate for the weaker ones.

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Customers like the quality, performance, stress relief, and ease of use of the hand strengthener. For example, they mention it’s reliable, durable, and great for individual finger dexterity and exercises. Some appreciate the instructions for individual and whole hand strengthening. That said, opinions are mixed on size and comfort.

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