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Fitness Logbook (Pink) – A5 Undated Workout Journal For Men & Women – Plastic Cover & Thick Paper – Planner Log Book To Track Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Gym Exercise, Bodybuilding Progress

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Fitness Logbook is a well-thought, simple and handy tool for tracking your workouts, which made from HQ materials and with attention to details.
The logbook contains 150 workout templates, which means that in a case of three-day-a-week strength training you can use it for 50 weeks.
That’s why thick paper, plastic cover, metal wire binding, and rounded corners.
All for comfortable use during these 50 weeks.
Before buy please read FAQ below.

Why should I track my workouts?
Short answer. To determine which training programs work well for you. To be able to use advanced/complex training programs.
Long answer: https://www.t-nation.com/training/powerful-reasons-to-use-a-workout-log

Does it have some “content”?
NO. The log doesn’t contain any kind of “useful resources”. No motivation quotes, recipes, advice, and other useless fillers. Also, it doesn’t contain any predefined workouts/workout routines/training programs. We do not tell you how to exercise. And it doesn’t have a food log. In other words, all unique pages are shown on the images.

It is for the free app that we are developing now (super slow but surely). One of the app’s features is grabbing of handwritten data from pictures of filled pages of the logbook. QR-code is used to locate the right-top corner of a table.

[WELL-DESIGNED]. Simple and time-tested layout. Plenty of room to record exercises, weights, reps, cardio, and notes. The maximum benefit and nothing more. No useless “useful resources” – like motivational quotes, recipes, tips, advice, and other fillers. Just a couple of progress pages at the beginning and five empty dotted pages for notes at the end. Everything else is workout pages.
[SUPERIOR QUALITY]. Thick 100 GSM paper, durable plastic cover, and sturdy binding. Built to last and done right – using high-quality materials and with attention to detail.
[150 DAYS OF TRACKING]. The logbook contains 152 workout-tracking pages. If you exercise 3 times a week, it will last a year. Each page has room for recording 12 exercises, three cardio entries, and plenty of space for notes. Also, there are five dotted pages at the end for maximum flexibility. You can customize them in any way you like. Make notes, write goals, draw tables and charts – whatever you need.
[PERFECT GIFT]. It will come in handy for all fitness enthusiasts, both beginners (just starting their way) and advanced (using complex training programs), women and men.
[RELATED APP]. We develop a free workout logging app. This app has a scan feature to transfer workout data from notepad to digital form, subject to certain conditions. Please visit our website for more information.

Customers say

Customers like the workout book for its simple, easy-to-use design. They also appreciate the nice layout that makes it easy to track workouts. Customers say it works well for novice and experienced lifters, and is functional and useful. They say it’s a great product for the price.

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