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Elite Sports Jiu Jitsu Grip Trainer Simulate Gi – Resistance Band Grip Strength Trainer for BJJ MMA Judo & Grappling Training

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The Elite BJJ grip trainer is the ultimate tool to improve your grip strength trainer to hone your grappling skills & submission technique. The BJJ trainer grip includes heavy-duty handles that feel similar to an opponent’s jiu jitsu gi grip trainer, stimulating the feel of the BJJ trainer grip fabric & your reflex of controlling & manipulating your opponent’s moves through. The BJJ grips, hand exercising grip, hand trainer grip, jits grips or grapple grip offers many benefits in the gym & on the mats. Our BJJ trainer grip system includes two sleeve grips, two lapel grips, one resistance band, two hooks, and a bjj training grips carry bag. The sleeve grips & lapel grips allow you to familiarize yourself with the feel of the opponent’s Gi, competitive-level grip endurance allowing you to devise your attack & defense strategy before every competition. The included resistance band system in the BJJ grip strength trainer system helps you create different workouts to increase flexibility, mobility & resistance. You can practice bjj forearm trainer grip, hand exercising grip, hand trainer grip & grip trainer jiu jitsu, perform wrist curls, finger extensions & even grip squeezes with the included resistance, further enhancing your stamina, muscle strength, endurance & solo bjj training session. Using our heavy-duty grip trainer bjj, you can perform a resistance band grip walk, cross-body grip walk, backward grip hold, cross-body backward grip hold, grip pulls, overhead grip pulls, diagonal grip pulls, grip pulls with lunges, squats & several other BJJ grip trainer system variations. The Elite BJJ grip trainers or BJJ grip strength trainers are the perfect go-anywhere fitness & martial arts training equipment that you can use at home, in your BJJ gym, or outdoors. Our portable & versatile jiu-jitsu grip trainers, jiu jitsu grip strength trainer come with a carry bag, allowing to transport of the MMA & BJJ grips trainers to different destinations or hotel rooms.
DEVELOP EFFECTIVE GRIP POWER FOR GRAPPLING: Adding BJJ trainer grip & resistance band system to your regular solo BJJ training sessions will help you amplify grip strength exercises in less time. Our BJJ trainer grips help you strengthen your fingers, hands & wrist muscles to establish a strong hold on your opponent’s Gi & break your opponent’s grip. The jits grips or grapple grips allow you to build crucial clutch strength & move freely in all planes while developing bicep & forearm strength.
DESIGNED TO SIMULATE BJJ GI GRIPS: Our one-of-a-kind BJJ grips, hand exercising grip, hand trainer grip grips provide a comprehensive solution to develop functional strength, competitive-level grip endurance, muscle memory & stamina. The well-designed bjj training grips help you familiarize yourself with the feel of the opponent’s Gi, grip trainer jiu jitsu helps you better prepare for competitive settings. Our grip trainer bjj is all you need for a result-oriented solo bjj training session.
COMPLETE MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING SOLUTION: Our BJJ trainer grip, Jiu Jitsu Grip system & resistance band system include 2 sleeve grips, 2 lapel grips, a resistance band, 2 hooks & a carry bag. To train a wide range of jiu jitsu gi grip trainers, the bjj grips help you practice collar, lapel & sleeve grips. The resistance band enhances mobility to practice variations of BJJ maneuvers. The included hooks help you create a secure anchor point in the wall & fix the grips for bjj training.
IDEAL FOR JUDO TRAINING: The Elite BJJ grip trainer is highly versatile & bjj grip forearm trainer can be used to train a wide range of martial arts disciplines, especially judo as the combat sport involves gripping, controlling, maneuvering & throwing the opponent. Our BJJ grip trainer system enhances your judo grip strength trainer skills. Besides establishing judo grips, the trainer grips for judo, kung fu drip trainer solo drills will help you manipulate your opponent’s moves & techniques.
COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: The versatile jiu jitsu grip trainer & resistance band system allow you to change your bjj grip strengthener workout location. The compact design of our BJJ grip strengthener makes it easy to travel with; while the jiu jitsu gi grips carry bag ensures safe storage. Our go-anywhere BJJ grip strength trainer, judo grip strength trainer, MMA hand grippers for strengthening offer you the flexibility to train jiu jitsu grip strength trainer in different settings.

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Customers like the grip strength, versatility, comfort, and quality of the hand strengthener. They mention that it’s perfect for training grips for gi competition, it’ll simulate making grips on an actual gis, and that the material feels great.

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