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Dumbbell Fitness Stick,Full Body Strength Training Bars, Exercise & Fitness Dumbbell Bars, 31.5 inches Long Dumbbell 15LB for Men and Women,Barbells, Weights, Full Body Exercise Weight Equipment

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Product Description

Dumbbell fitness StickDumbbell fitness Stick


Dumbbell for WomenDumbbell for Women

Dumbbell Fitness MovesDumbbell Fitness Moves

Dumbbell Bar Body Twist ExerciseDumbbell Bar Body Twist Exercise

Dumbbell One-arm Rowing ActionDumbbell One-arm Rowing Action

Bend Over RowingBend Over Rowing

[Product shape unique] Dumbbell fitness bar with dumbbell and barbell two functions. The total weight of the product is 15LB, the total length of the product is 31.5 inches, and the diameter at the thickest part is 2 inches. The dumbbell bar is made of pure steel and wrapped in a layer of frosted PVC material. Non-slip firm will not bend, exercise grip feel more comfortable.
[Exercise versatile] Dumbbell fitness bar can complete dumbbell fitness movements, can also be used as a light weight barbell for women. We provide instructions for at least 16 exercises for indoor workouts, but there are many more that can be done. You can customize more exercises for your own fitness needs to suit different muscle groups. This will make your workout less boring and more fun.
[You can exercise more parts] There are three handles on the dumbbell fitness bar, and the handles at both ends can be convenient for both hands to grasp at the same time. The center handle is wide enough for a single/two-handed grip and can be placed on the shoulder for barbell squats. Exercise with dumbbell bars can meet arm strength exercises, hip and leg strength exercises, shoulder and neck muscle relaxation exercises, weight loss exercises, core muscle exercises and balance exercises.
[Application scenarios] Our weight-bearing dumbbell fitness bar can help you complete a variety of fitness situations: strength exercise, yoga Pilates, martial arts, weight-bearing endurance, rehabilitation training, etc. Both men’s fitness and women’s fitness can be used, you can refer to the manual for more moves. If you bring it to the gym, it might entice bodybuilders to explore more of its features.
[Packaging and precautions] In order to better protect the products, we use paper tube packaging products. Because it is heavy, please do not hit it on the ground when using and transporting it. We do not recommend it for teenagers or children under the age of 15.

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