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Cathe Friedrich Slow & Heavy Strength Training Workout DVD – 3 Heavy Weight Strength & Toning Workouts On One DVD

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Product Description

Cathe LogoCathe Logo

Cathe Friedrich Slow & Heavy 3 Workouts DVDCathe Friedrich Slow & Heavy 3 Workouts DVD

Cathe Friedrich’s Slow & Heavy 3 Workout DVD

This Cathe strength training DVD contains three Slow & Heavy muscle conditioning workouts on one disc. Maximum strength gains will be achieved by going through a series of exercises, performed in a uniquely slow and concentrated manner to eliminate momentum and thereby allow for maximum muscle fiber recruitment. The overall effectiveness of the Slow and Heavy Series is not so much WHAT exercises you select but rather HOW you perform them. Get ready to get FOCUSED!

Cathe Slow & Heavy 3 Workout DVDCathe Slow & Heavy 3 Workout DVD

Cathe Friedrich's Slow & Heavy 3 Workout DVDCathe Friedrich's Slow & Heavy 3 Workout DVD

Cathe Friedrich's Slow & Heavy 3 Workout DVDCathe Friedrich's Slow & Heavy 3 Workout DVD

Slow & Heavy 3 Workout DVD Times

Legs & Shoulders

Warm Up – 3:30Main Workout – 61:00Stretch – 2:00Total – 66:30

Chest & Back

Warm Up – 3:00Main Workout – 53:30Stretch – 2:00Total – 58:30

Triceps & Biceps

Warm Up – 2:30Main Workout – 54:00Stretch – 2:00Total – 58:30

Slow & Heavy 3 Workout DVD Premixes

More workout premix options mean you never get bored and you can find a workout length to fit your busy schedule.

Equipment Needed

StepBarbellDumbbells (moderate to heavy)Ankle and Hand Weights (optional)

Cathe Friedrich PortraitCathe Friedrich Portrait

About Cathe Friedrich

Cathe Friedrich is a certified professional group fitness instructor who has been teaching fitness classes for over 30 years and was inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame in 2011. Cathe has over 20,000 hours of teaching experience and owns a large Gym in New Jersey where she continues to do what she loves – teach group fitness classes and help as many people as possible reach their fitness goals. Cathe started producing exercise videos about 30 years ago with the goal of bringing the same gym quality workouts her clients at her club enjoy into the privacy of your home. Today Cathe has produced nearly 600 workout videos. Whether you’re interested in low impact, kickboxing, HiiT, metabolic, strength & toning, lower body, upper body, total body, step aerobics, bodyweight & bands, hi & low impact cardio, stretching, interval, bootcamp, core training, and circuit high-intensity workouts Cathe’s selection of engaging and empowering fitness DVDs are fun and challenging.

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