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by Innova RBE3000 Recumbent Bike with Arm & Hand Exercisers, 350 lb Weight Capacity, Cross Training, Pulse Monitoring

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Introducing the Verakare RBE3000, an innovative fitness equipment that provides total body in-home rehabilitative exercises. From cardio workouts to stretching and even coordination, this equipment includes a recumbent bike, a pulley system, and multi-positional hand exercisers for a comprehensive rehabilitative experience. The RBE3000 features a recumbent bike which allows users to get a great cardiovascular workout while exercising their thighs, calves, and glute muscles. Unlike regular stationary bikes, recumbent bikes require less effort to balance and are more ergonomic. There’s less strain on your joints which is great for those with arthritis or joint pain. The rope and pulley system allows you to stretch both shoulders and arms in a variety of angles, relieving tension in stiff muscles and joints. The pulley wheels can swing forward and back in addition to spinning left and right to offer a greater range in motion and extension when stretching. The RBE3000 also features a multi-positional hand exerciser, providing a wide range of motions for the hand and arms to help increase circulation. Users can also combine the recumbent bike workout with the hand exercisers or the pulley system to increase body coordination. As a bonus, the RBE3000 also includes a device holder for phones or tablets that allows users to incorporate technology – such as fitness apps or tele-health communication with their physician – into their rehabilitation experience. With a five-point adjustable framework, this machine can accommodate bodies of different shapes and sizes and users up to 350 lb. The RBE3000 features thoughtful design to improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, and mobility in the comfort of your own home. Safety Information: Consult with a licensed physician before using this exercise equipment. Some medical conditions may not be suitable for use with this product.
Assembly Required
All-In-One: Cardio, Stretching, and Coordination
Eight (8) resistance settings for users to determine the intensity of their workout
Arm Pulley system for arm and shoulder stretches in various angles
Multi-positional Hand Exerciser providing a wide range of motions
Weight Capacity: 350 lb
Consult with a licensed physician before starting any new exercise regime.

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