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Black Mountain Products (B.M.P.) resistance bands are made from the highest quality natural latex rubber to ensure maximum life. This new set of six resistance bands include 1 Yellow Band (2-4 Lbs.), 1 Blue Band (4-6 Lbs.), 1 Green Band (10-12 Lbs.), 1 Black Band (15-20 Lbs.), 1 Red Band (25-30 Lbs.), and 1 Orange Band (35-40 Lbs.) that are 48 inches in length. Each of these resistance bands are provided with soft cushioned foam handles for comfortable grip during use and exercise routines. Black Mountain Products resistance bands are a great alternative to free weights or any workout machine. Training with Black Mountain Products resistance bands is the perfect tool to help repair torn rotator cuff, elbows, bad knees and general rehabilitation. In addition these resistance bands are compact and portable allowing you to work out anywhere. This six band set offers all resistances from beginner bands to the expert level orange band, forming a resistance weight level from 2-40lbs of weight!
5 different levels of resistance to gradually increase the intensity of your workout
Carrying bag makes it easy transportation for travel or going to gym
Exercise loop bands are ideal for improving strength and muscle tone without the need for an expensive gym membership
Loops measure 9 inch in length and come with beginner fitness guide
Perfect for Cross fit, Pilates, yoga, and general strength training

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Customers like the quality, value, storage space, comfort and travel of the exercise bands. They mention that they are well made, reliable and worth the money. They appreciate the convenient bag for storage and transport, and that they’re easy on the hands. They also say that the bands are excellent portable exercise equipment and that it’s great for home workouts and traveling around.

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